Unity station and a community built station that is on a low Kerbin orbit. It was the first ever station to be launched and the first ever object to go into space.


Latest picture of Unity Station

Origins and late AugustEdit

"After a particularly long night of scrolling deep in the Spacecraft Exchange, I stumbled across Zeke's ancient SCSS. After realising that the Modded Community Space Station was pinned, I knew I had to take action"-DMSP on why he created the Stock Community Space Station.


The starting point for Unity Station.

On August 22nd, 2016, the core of Unity Station was rocketed up into Low Kerbin Orbit, commandeered by DMSP. It entered a stable orbit at 120 kilometers above the surface of Kerbin. It was soon followed by a solar array to ensure power would be constantly provided with electricity. Scientia1423 added the next component to the Station, which was a long resource module meant to increase the Station's capacity for long term exploration.

Spartwo took the third turn, launching a stack of modules towards the station. There was a large habitat for 16 Kerbals, a cupola to look down at Kerbin, and a station Tug meant to make small course corrections. Hempa2 added a Ore refinery, necessary in the long term usability of the Station. It was at the end of August that DMSP detached the tug and solar arrays and sent them off to help form the new Gateway Station.


There were very few missions to the unity station, as most of them retracted their turn, or sent their modules elsewhere. A few notable was the EVA-Ball court which was sent to unity as a living space. ScriptKitt3h then sent a Spaceplane to dock with the station. The final launch in this month is the Ptitchka Shuttle which was sent by Scientia1423 along with a satellite to dock with the station and led to the patial completion of the station.

After that the project was put on hold by DMSP for personal reasons until the end of the month.


Like with the previous month, there were few missions going to the station, mostly as everyone went for Gateway station or prepared to send their ship elsewhere. There was only 1 known mission to the station (directed by valens) which is was to refuel the modules onboard. After that the station had no more sent to it and the people afterwards dropped their turns which led to DMSP stepping down from the project and passing it to someone else.


The final mission to the station was sent by quasarrgames. A station ring was added as a way to keep kerbals fresh and not looking funky. It was then considered complete.