The Stock Community Space Station Edit

The SCSP started in May, 2013, when Zekes posted the first Stock Community Space Station. After a few months, probably due to complications within the users, the Station was ended. It remained like this for 3 years before DMSP started the next program, the Stock Community Space Station. To ensure that the thread didn't fall apart, DMSP added multiple different rules and regulations to hopefully keep everyone together.


DMSP Launches Unity Station.

The first launch was a success, with a Core module being added into a Low Kerbin Orbit, with 6 medium docking ports, along the lines of a Unity node from the ISS. With the addition of a small Solar Array, the first turn was complete, and the station gained the name Unity Station. Immediately after, Scientia1423 showed up, and he would remain one of the founders of the project. Following the set up of Unity Station, the save file began accumulating launches. Multiple users launched a wide variety of rockets that made Unity into a bustling station with many different parts and modules. It was around a few weeks in when DMSP launched the second space station, Gateway Station, followed by Lookdown Station around the Mun. From there, more and more people began signing up to join.

The Stock Community Space Program (Under DMSP) Edit

It was a bit after Unity Station hit 300 parts, that DMSP announced that the official completion for Unity had succeeded. Heading into really unknown soil, the Stock Community Space Station became the Stock Community Space Program. It was said that the target was going to be Duna, as it is the closest target to Kerbin, and launches were soon underway.


Duna, the target of missions to come.

After a month or so of this, complications began to occur. DMSP got less and less time to work on the project, and turns began being skipped and skipped. The program was put on hold after the 1.2 update came in and ruined DMSP's other save, so caution was taken with the program. Eventually, it was put back on track, but this was short lived, and DMSP eventually decided to pass the save on. Scientia1423 gladly took up the offer. DMSP had run the program for 73 days.

The Stock Community Space Program (Under Scientia1423) Edit

As of now, this new beginning for the project is still just gaining momentum, but hopefully, with the awesome people of the KSP forums working together, there will be plenty more to come.