The latest picture of Gateway Station

Gateway Station is a community built space station in low Kerbin orbit. It was the second space station that was launched into space.


DMSP announced the launch of Gateway station to divert attention from Unity as the Station was already getting bulky with parts. He did this as a joint operation after sending a solar array to the Unity station.


The first part of Gateway Station leaves Unity, beginning the station's construction.


After a lot of delays, Andem sent his Souyz TMA spacecraft to dock with the station on the 4th of September 2016. After a few days, Chiron0224 sent a habitation module to the station to supply the Kerbals with some air and fuel; and shortly after that, ScriptKitt3h sent an inflatable module to copy the other module on Unity.


Some turns later, TwinKerbal sent crew modules to the station but it broke, considering being launched in a pre-release and was cancelled. Valens equipped the station with an escape pod if anything went wrong and refueled the station whilst at it. After that, many people cancelled their turn due to unknown reasons, hempa2's KSP broke, and ExplorerKlatt had personal reasons. This was one of the main reasons why DMSP stopped leading the SCSP.


There was one mission to Gateway after the new ownership which was by quasarrgames in which they sent and resupply module to the space station. After that, no one sent anything to the station for 3 months.

March Edit

The final mission to the station was an orange tank. No one sent anything new to the station and was considered complete.