Latest picture of the Duna Ground Base

Duna Ground Operations Center was the first and only base that was made whilst the community program was active. It was the largest procedure to ever take place in this history of the program with all of the crafts being sent at once for an encounter and landing.

Landing Site Edit

Although still undetermined, the landing site will probably be around -20 to -30 dead on the equator. This is inside a valley, allowing the craft to slow down as much as they possibly can, especially if they rely on Parachutes. More data is available here.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 1.12.39 PM

The landing site for the Ground Base.

Site components Edit

Site Components
Name What is it? User
"Duna Rover" Unmanned rover Baybrawler
"The Hazard" Crew Rover DMSP
"Dropbox" Crew Rover DMSP
"Drop the Base" Light Base DMSP
"Heart of Kerbals" Colonial Transporter TheGuyNamedAlan
"LOK lander" One Man Can Scientia1423
"DEAV" Emergency ascent vehicle TheGuyNamedAlan

DMSP's Components Edit

The Hazard+Dropbox Edit

Two Duna rovers with different landing systems. They are almost identical, except "Dropbox" is more refined. The reason behind DMSP launching 2 is that there is plenty of redundancy in the double system. If one fails to land softly for whatever reason, the other can have an attempt to do so as well.


Dropbox during its ascent.

Drop the Base Edit

The first outpost on Duna. It has a capacity for 4 crew members. It will serve as the primary operation center for the Duna Program. It uses a similar descent method to "Dropbox", as they are both inside dropship Cargo bays.

TheGuyNamedAlan's Components Edit

Heart of Kerbals Edit

Date of launch: November 20th

Launch vehicle: Alan's Xtra Super Heavy Lifter (I really dont have any other name so yeah :D)


The Heart of Kerbals is a 40+ kerbal transport system. The first launch carried 2 crew and 9 passengers to duna. This vehicle has parachutes for emergency as it uses supersonic retro-propulsion along with parachutes to slow it down for landing. It consists of 9 large landing legs which makes it easier to land.

DEAV(Duna emergency ascent vehicle) Edit

Planned Launch date: November 29th


A simple accent vehicle that can hold 1 kerbal. It's way overpowered (can get into kerbin orbit [as of ksp 1.2]) so there will be no problems even if something exploded during re-entry. This is planned to land at the landing site.

Baybrawler's components. Edit

On 13 Nov 2016 the "Duna Rover" was deployed on Duna. It is equipped with a Surface Scanning Module and a Narrow Band Scanner. Any person is permitted to drive it wherever they please as long as it is not destroyed or demobilized.

DMSP has successfully spent hours moving the rover to the Ground Operations Center. It is currently the first part at the base.


The route DMSP took to get to the landing site.

Rover Transfer to the landing site. Edit

DMSP spent a total of 5 or so hours to transfer the little rover, taking a video along the way. A music video will soon be released on the transfer across half the planet.

Scientia1423's component's Edit

LOK Lander Edit

The LOK lander parachuted down onto the surface after many attempts of landing on the surface of Duna. The craft was sent along with the LK probe attached onto a Duna transfer vehicle before detaching the lander onto the surface.